Vintage Style Halloween Folk Art by Jan Pierce
Halloween Folk Artist
Jan Pierce

"Creating unique Halloween Art
treasures with a vintage flair"

      Halloween has been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember. For me, it was never about the candy (although, I do LOVE chocolate), it was all about the costumes and spooky decorations! It was always so much fun to see people turned into ghosts, witches, zombies and strange creatures as they roamed the streets for trick or treat. I couldn't wait to make my costume each year, and it was never soon enough for me to get out the Halloween decorations. My favorite was the big jointed skeleton that we hung on the front door.

     During the 1990's, I worked in the antique store that my parents owned. It was in a big old Victorian house with a wrap around porch. Each year around Halloween, we filled the porch with cornstalks, pumpkins, gourds, straw bales, and Halloween items for sale. Our shop quickly became THE place to go for Halloween decorations. I started painting pumpkins with spooky and funny faces to add to the porch. They sold left and right, and people came back year after year just to get my painted pumpkins. It wasn't long before I branched out and started painting Halloween designs on other things. Having been raised with an appreciation for antiques, I have an affinity for the vintage images of Halloween past. It is these images that inspire many of my designs. 

     I have been a professional artist for more than 15 years. My past One of the many portraits I have done over the years -- this is of my son.experience covers a broad spectrum - from miniature painting on real feathers to room size mural painting. I even did tattooing for a little while!  I enjoy designing jewelry and drawing portraits. I did this pencil portrait of my son about 6 years ago. He is a bit older now, but every bit as devilish. I started drawing and painting at a young age, and by One of the few oil paintings I kept - all the rest have long been sold. This was done when I was 12.the time I was 11, I was working primarily in oils. The snow scene shown here is one of my earliest paintings. Back then, landscapes were my subject matter of choice. I still like to paint landscapes (they are just a bit darker now).

    Chester County, PA is known for its bucolic scenery. The rolling hills are dotted with old stone barns, split rail fences and stately shade trees. Nestled in the valleys you will find meandering streams and quaint little ponds that grace the canvases of many Chester County artists. My Moonhallow folk art gives the traditional Chester County landscape a sinister twist.

    Moonhallow Vintage Halloween Folk Art


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